Brittany Murphy.... WHA?!

WOW....just wow.

I'm not one for reading all about celebrity deaths and such, but this is just too creepy not to talk about!

So, a little less than a month ago Brittany Murphy was fired from a film in Puerto Rico and after getting fired, she and her husband, Simon Monjack, thought it would be fun(?) and cool to hang around the island bugging people. He started a fight with some of the locals (because he was too skeezy for Puerto Rico?) and then managed to land at LAX completely "incoherent" and having to be hospitalized that Saturday. (Drugs anyone?!) Link to the
detailed story.

Brittany's autopsy is scheduled to take place today or tomorrow by the LA County Coroner, contrary to her husband's wishes. Hollywood news website TMZ reported early today that Murphy was ill with flu-like symptoms for the past several days and had been taking prescription medication to treat those symptoms. (possible H1N1?)

Elizabeth Snead, founder of the celebrity blog The Dish Rag, said Monday that despite having a bubbly personality on the red carpet, Murphy was troubled.

"She was a lot like the characters that she played. She was vulnerable, very sweet, very honest, very emotionally available. But also it seemed that she had a lot of demons inside of her and she was very, very insecure," Snead told Canada AM.

"On the red carpet, for instance, she seemed to really, really love the attention and she was very kind to people. But she seemed in her personal life to go from boyfriend to boyfriend, she was engaged twice, then she married this older man."

Seriously, how many times do you have to get engaged to feel better about yourself?! Brittany's family should have gotten her some help about 9 years ago.

I know it may sound weird, but her death definitely affects me more than MJ's death. She was one of my first hero's. Giving all of us gawky, awkward girls the chance to say, "See! A makeover could be what I need to be a pretty girl!".

But, unfortunately, I think Brittany went a little far with her makeover. Hopefully, her last moments here were beautiful and happy. She was such a lovely heart.


  1. Sad to see her go. Loved her work on King of the Hill and Futurama. She'll be missed!

  2. Brittany was a really nice person but every time I saw her (came in to my office area about once a week for King of the Hill recordings) she was so very high. High as a kite singing up and down the halls with PA's looking around for her every time she wandered off. You;re right, she should have gotten help a long time ago.