Greensboro Tastecasting @ Table 16!

When I first think about the words Taste Casting, the first thing that comes to my mind is a panel of giant-sized Paula, Randy, Simon and Kara sitting at their judges table and stuffing their faces. All this, while giving their uncensored opinions of the good and bad, possibly the ugly.

My next vision of the word Taste Casting is the living room of your typical American household. The All-American, plus-sized family is watching the newest episode of Taste Cast, plumply sitting by and eagerly awaiting their next dish to be spewed out from the television. Wondering which dish will be Simon's favorite, because everyone knows that if he doesn't get up-- ready to empty his load in the bathroom-- that must be a dish worth digesting.

Well, Taste Casting has absolutely NOTHING to do with my morbidly obese fantasies. It's actually a lot more elegant and delicious.

On Wednesday night, I was welcomed into a new form of food opinionating. It's called Taste Casting. It's a new website that let's a group of techie foodies in major (and some not so major) cities eat out at local restaurants and post their blogs and tweets on the website afterwards.

It's a pretty cool new way to experience food. You really get to appreciate and think about every bite you're taking. And you're doing it with other food techies! Anyway, on to the good stuff!

The eclectic restaurant, Table 16, was the setting for the scene. Located at 600 South Elm St. Greensboro, NC 27406.
In their own words:
"Table 16 & our blueprint of globally influenced New World Cuisine, embodies a style of food that is strong, unique, & indicative of the bold flavors of the New World coupled with the refined and elegant traditions of the Old World."

The statement they make about themselves is on the ball with the way their food introduces itself to your tongue!

This was my first time trying out this restaurant and I was in heaven the entire evening. With our dishes, the waitstaff recommended a flight of wine that was out of this world! I had many favorite dishes over the course of the evening.
The first course was the vichyssoise with Yukon gold potatoes, Georgia onion and crab salsa. It was the most unbelievable combination of flavors that melded so perfectly together. My taste buds were singing in harmony!

The second course was an unusual, but quite perfect, combination of meats. A delicate Poke tuna tartar with Andouille sausage! Truly different and superb.

The list of amazing dishes goes on and on, but I feel I've spouted enough for one blog entry. Below are the links to my fellow taste casters' blogs, so that you may read more about our delicious meal. And remember, the next time you're looking for a superb meal in Greensboro, NC, check out Table 16. It's downtown on Elm St.

Danielle Hatfield, Liv Jones, Scott Brewster, Josh Holden, Adam Arney, Brandon Pierce, Gedeon Maheux and Barbara Nelles


  1. Oh gosh... Table 16 flashbacks.... It ruined me for life. Now everytime I try to eat, I compare it to table 16. Veggie burgers just don't stack up, I'm sorry.

  2. I completely hear that! I've been dying to go back, but I need to save up some money first, LOL!

  3. never been there but i will upon your recommendation here.

    nice to find you.