If My Stomach Only Had a Brain, oh, wait...

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  The day has finally come. Scientists have discovered that our stomachs have as many nerves as comparable to a cats' brain. Essentially, our stomachs can think! They get cues from the food we eat or don't eat to tell us if we're full or still hungry.
  It's such a great breakthrough, that food companies are jumping on it. Nestle has said that they'll be developing new foods within the next five years that will "trick" our stomachs into thinking that we're fuller sooner. For full articles explaining all the deets, check out WSJ and Grub Street.

   Now, where are those Nestle chocolate chip cookies?!


  1. I don't wanna be tricked into feeling full too early! I love to eat. That's why I work out-- so I can eat more... and so I can look hot for my bf. Let me eat!

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